Russian Visa Invitation Online

When travelling to Russia, citizens of most countries must obtain a visa in advance.

Mostly demanded visa for travelers from UK, India and many other countries is a business visa. However, getting a Russian visa invitation online for business can be exhausting if you do not have adequate information.

Business visa is issued on the grounds of the Russian business invitation issued by an accredited local company in most cases through the Ministry of Internal Affairs (ex. FMS).

Though, you might meet other types of invitation in the requirements of the Russian Embassy.  In brief, there are invitations issued by:

  • the Ministry of Internal Affairs (ex.FMS) – Russian juridical person gets an accreditation at the authority and afterwards can apply for the business invitation for its foreign guest;

  • the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – issues invitations for diplomatic and different Ministry’s levels;
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry – works with branches of Foreign companies on the territory of Russia, which should be accredited at the Chamber. It invites foreign citizens on behalf of own name- Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Russian business invitation can be issued on MIA’s special paper blank (so called “yellow paper invitation”) and in digital format also known as electronic invitation or telex.

Refer to this telex number and proceed to apply for Russian Visa Application Online on 

For more information regarding types of invitations with Russian visa agency, please, visit our Helpdesk page.

Russian Visa Invitation Services Online

Russian visa Invitation online has been made easy with us. You will receive your invitation to the Russian Federation in telex format to your email.

Do you need help in Russian visa registration ( migration registration)  for personal or business purpose?   - We have turned to you.

Russian Visa Invitation Online Support - What You'll Need 

  • A copy of valid passport – the copy must be clear and reflect the whole bio page. You can check the sample at FAQ section.
  • Credit / Debit card – online payment will be suggested at the end of your query.
  • The credential of your accommodation – this information is vital for migration services which your papers go through.
  • Non-employed ? – we can not help . Sorry! We can do nothing here.
  • A valid email address – your invitation will be sent to your email on a confirmed date.
  • Arrival and departure dates – Your invitation will start from the arrival date and will be valid for 30, 90, 180 or 365 days.

  • ! Please, do not forget, that according to the Russian legislation, the complete term of stay in Russia on a business visa should not exceed 90 days within every 180 days. If you are not sure in understanding this law, please, ask Embassy or Visa Center officer to explain.
  • Number of entries required for your trip – you must be sure in your plans, because once the documents are applied nothing can be changed in the request.
  • A copy of the previous Russian visa (if required) – the requirement depends on citizenship. But if you have already been to Russia, you may attach your last  visa anyway and we will use the previous spelling of your name in the current documents.
  • A copy of valid residence /work permit if you apply for the visa outside the country of your citizenship (if required) – the system will ask for the documents if the rule applies your case.

Migratory Registration Online

If you are already in Russia and plan to stay here for more than 7 days outside the hotel, you need to get registered with the Migration Department.

What is Migration registration? This is an obligatory informing of the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs about your arrival to Russia and your residence place in Russia during your stay. According to the Law, the Host should fulfill the procedure.

When might you need the service? If you stay at a private address and for some reasons, the host can't register you OR if you rent an apartment instead of a hotel and the host does not provide this service you might need our help.
What will you need to get the Russian visa registration service? We will ask for good copies of passport, visa and migration card which you got on your arrival.
If you still have questions regarding Migration registration, please, visit our Helpdesk or you may apply for Russian visa registration support online.

NB: Migration registration service, is not applicable for those who  reside at a hotel as it does registration automatically.

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